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October Road

Based in Saco, Maine, October Road Acoustic Duo is Jeff Heather Ann Line. Jeff and Heather have been performing together since 2011 up and down the coast of New England but their story does not begin there.

The pair has known each other since elementary school. They grew up together, attended high school together and were always very good friends. Their shared love of music and poetry (reading and writing) was certainly a contributing factor to that friendship. In 1990, as often happens in life, the two went their separate ways. Through the years the pair stayed in touch. Heather sang and performed with varied groups and acting troupes and Jeff played guitar and sang in bands ranging from rock and blues to country and folk. In 2006, fate brought them back together. Through their collective experiences apart during those years, they both realized that their early friendship was really so much more and it wasn’t long after that October Road Acoustic Duo was born. In 2014, their lifelong friendship culminated in the two finally getting married!

Drawing from their many and varied musical influences, Jeff and Heather have written numerous original songs and are constantly adding more. Both are published poets and enjoy writing about many different subjects but none so much as the bounty of New England: the rocky coast, the vibrant seasons, and the voice and moods of the sea. They have also built up an impressive catalog of cover songs which spans 7 decades of music and includes rock, pop, country, jazz, folk, Irish folk, and contemporary Christian selections. Music has always been a shared passion of the duo and their performances reflect that love and their pure enjoyment of performing and of each other. Centering on a tightly woven tapestry of harmony and Jeff’s guitar stylings, the duo has a very diverse sound. Their energy and enthusiasm is infectious and the music is excellent...one can't help but smile, tap their feet, clap their hands, and want to sing along with October Road.

Jeff and Heather have recently completed their first CD titled, October Road. The independent release date was October 5, 2013. Several songs on the CD have been selected by a variety of internet radio stations are currently in regular rotation. They are very excited to see the road ahead and enjoy the experiences that life has in store for them together.